Our success lies in the 6 core values we uphold:

1. Creativity & Innovation

• In-house design team consisting of five designers

• Revolutionary bespoke designs

• Courage to take reasonable risks in exploring imaginative designs

2. Outstanding workmanship

• Workforce of about 50 in-house workers consisting of carpenters, electricians, painters, tilers, plumbers, etc., half of whom hold two certificates of skill

• Two locally-based carpentry factories

• Investment in sophisticated and advanced machines that boast higher precision

3. On-time delivery

• Tight control of work schedules due to in-house team, which results in on-time delivery

4. Minimum-to-zero defect

• Attention to detail

• Set of skilled in-house workers

• Stringent QC checks at each stage

5. Competitive pricing

• Most of the work carried out by in-house workers, resulting in competitive pricing

• We believe in conducting an ethical and integrity-filled business, thus we do not have hidden costs nor employ the use of any gimmicks

6. Excellent after-sales service

• All work comes with 2 years of warranty

• Specially formed a team, which is dedicated to servicing clients who have experienced defects in workmanship or products

• Customers can expect to receive prompt after-sales service

• Strong belief in taking responsibility for any issue means that we do not push away complaints, but take it as a chance to critically assess our workmanship and services in order to continually improve our customer satisfaction levels

With a creative portfolio ranging from classic to contemporary modern and innovative designs, you can be sure of original carpentry that are tailored to fit your specific needs. Our reliable and prompt after-sales customer support and service are there to assist you should you encounter any issues.